Screen Printing

Screen printing is an affordable way to get your design onto t-shirts, hats, coozies, and golf towels (just to name a few available products).

Our Screen Print Department utilizes state of the art screen printing techniques. Whether you need just a one color print or index printing with spot colors, we can provide it.

Screen printing utilizes color separations to create the finished image. A one color print job will use one screen during production, while an index print will begin with 4 screens with a new screen added for each spot color. Dark fabric requires an under base of white ink for bright colors. Much like a highlighter on black construction paper, if yellow is printed directly on black it will almost totally disappear into the fabric. the white under base allows the yellow to show vividly. In short, dark colored fabrics require a white underbase to make colors visible.

The artwork for each screen is printed onto a polyester film that allows light to pass though the unprinted areas. A silk screen is coated with a special photo reactive chemical called emulsion. After it has dried it is then exposed on a UV light table with the artwork for each color separation. The exposed emulsion becomes non-water soluble, while the unexposed image areas wash out of the screen. The open areas of the screen are where ink will be able to pass through. The screen is lined up on the press and printed onto the medium. Then the printed article is sent through a heater at about 400 degrees to cure the ink. Items that cannot withstand the exposure to high temperatures cannot be screen printed, these include bags with thin nylon straps and cheap plastic buckles or handles.


 Dress shirts
 Letter Jackets
 Indoor Banners
 Coffee Mugs
 Hair Ribbons
 Name Tags

  Sports bottles
  and more...

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